Tuesday, November 29, 2022

YCLHY: Your City Leaders Hate You

YCLHY: You call this BART?


Your city officials had the opportunity to build an eBART station that was accessible, safe, full-serviced, and that met the needs of our community. But, because they hate you, they did not.


The city officials in Antioch, on the other hand, insisted that their new eBART station had to include all the minimum expected amenities for their residents.


See the difference?


At a community meeting, Pittsburg residents complained that there was no escalator in the planned eBART station plans. Guess what happened? City officials promised to make the change but they really had no intention of doing so.


So what do we have? A whole lot of nothing…

  • No covered walkway
  • No nearby place to park
  • No escalator
  • No restroom
  • No station agent


Why? Because…your city leaders hate you.