Tuesday, November 29, 2022

YCLHY: Your Children Deserve Better

YCLHY: Your City Leaders Hate You

YCLHY: Your children deserve better


Your City Leaders are always looking to provide only the best for Pittsburg families.


Or are they?


Take, for instance, a playground recently built in a new park. After much feedback from residents, this is what our children got.



Nice. And dangerous. And fun for about 10 minutes.


Perhaps it’s just a question of budgets? Perhaps Pittsburg can’t afford a nice playground for our kids?


Or perhaps your City Leaders would rather give the City Manager **another** raise?


On the other hand as you can see, Concord loves its families. Just take a second look at that playground in a very similar park.


AND the Concord City Manager is paid more realistically based on the size of their city. Go figure.


Why doesn’t Pittsburg compare favorably to nearby cities? Come on, let’s say it together: “Because…your City Leaders hate you.”