Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The City of Pittsburg’s Travel and Tourism Department is launching all new Pittsburg-themed postcards meant to attract visitors and new residents to town. Pittsburg Voice has obtained a copy of another of the new postcards prior to its release.

Welcome to the all new Pittsburg.

2 thoughts on “Visit Pittsburg, A Great Place to Stay

  1. Savanna Bales

    Taking and posting a photo of a vulnerable person without, I presume, their consent is WRONG. This entire post is dehumanizing of this man. You have better ways to make your point. Take this down!

    • Admin Istrator

      Thanks for your heartfelt comments. We at Pittsburg Voice are equally concerned about the mounting homelessness in Pittsburg and the lack of effort on the part of the City to help these people. Rest assured that the photo is anonymous and the gentleman’s face blurred to be intentionally unrecognizable. Our hope is that your strong feelings about the sad situation of homelessness in Pittsburg will move you to call out the City on their failure to help these citizens.

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