Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Well, well, well…what do we have here then? A budget crisis? Say it ain’t so?!


Yes indeed. Apparently the City has “discovered” that they are going to be short some moolah in the near future. This is all because of CALPERS. I won’t go into the details of that here as I am sure others will cover how that fiasco happened. I am way more interested in the effects of the measures the city is planning to take.


One victim of the planned austerity will be the California Theater. It is basically going to have its budget obliterated by 30% this year and then 70% in the following two years. The theater will die quickly once the cuts take effect.




What is this I hear coming across the ether? There is a rumor of a rescue package: a plan to replace the current management company with a new, much cheaper option. It is believed by our sources, that an “Adult Entertainment” enterprise is interested in operating out of the theater. Can you imagine this? Sticky seats with Live Shows cumming soon – this will be the ‘new normal’.* Ugh!


How can the City Council even consider killing off the theater? It is the major catalyst for events in Oldtown. No! Leave the theater alone. Get creative and find the cash elsewhere – we know you have it. To all my followers out there in the Solar System, I urge you to come to the next Council Meeting on May 1st, where this latest debacle will be on the agenda. Tell the City what you think of them.

~ HAL 9000


*BTW: News of the planned ‘new enterprise’ at the theater came from #alternativeSources. Like #alternativeFacts. Just saying…