Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Quality of Life

The 4th War Zone: Part 3 – But, wait!

[As you can imagine, a legitimate news source like Pittsburg Voice receives untold volumes of feedback on our cutting edge articles and this series is no different. We present, for your enlightenment, a sample of some of the comments we received this week. – Ed.]


From: Don T. Fuggeddaboudit

I was interested to read Zorro’s post on the FireWorks, but I was disappointed. I felt I had to put over the Baby Boomer’s point of view. We are the old guard in Pittsburg. Yep we’ve seen it all here. From the early days when Pittsburg was nary a blip on the Bay Area radar, through its adolescent years when it became a den of vice and… well, best not get too specific there And now to the present, when the city paints a thin veneer over the problems that persist. Let’s face it, there’s not much to do in Pittsburg. My kite-boarding days are behind me I’m afraid and I’m sorry, but the bocce rules just leave me confused and tired. I’m perfectly happy spending a few hours bluffing my way through some nautical talk in the yacht club, thank you very much. That was not always the case though. In my youth. I would spend some fun time around the 4th setting off a few fire crackers here and there. Did I scare ya?? Heh, heh… And what’s wrong with this anyway? Just kids having fun. Never did me any harm, and we set off some real hum-dingers I can tell you. Anyway, my point is this is a blue-collar town. Always was and always will be. And I don’t care what the liberal bleeding hearts say. Let the kids have their fun.


From: Bart Ryder

Felt I had to respond to Zorro. Sorry pal, reality check needed here. Most people who live in Pittsburg weren’t even here on the 4th. Yah, I was out with some buddies from the office in SF downing a few cocktails in the bubble bar. I watched the fireworks on my phone later. Pretty lame, tbh. Can’t see what the problem is. Who’s this Joe S. you keep going on about anyway?


From: Cinda Kops

First off I don’t give af what anyone thinks.  If I wanna to shoot off some firecrackers in front of my house, Imma do it.  Our street keeps it lit!  Everyday, all day we in the streets shooting them up and chillin.  It’s no big deal.  Here Pittsburg doesn’t give a sh** about me, I’m not gonna give a sh** about them.  Imma do me, you do you.  Ain’t nobody got time to go down to see the fireworks the city puts on, It’s not like there’s anything to do in this damn town any way.  This is my town.


From: Bette vanDem

I don’t know what all the complaining is about.  I’ve been here for about 15 years now and at least we’re better off than Antioch.  I remember when I first moved here the city of Pittsburg was a dump and Antioch had all the new homes, new schools, and better events.  But…now between the drugs on Sycamore and the constant panhandling on every street corner in Antioch, I’d say Pittsburg is doing great.  Just look at how beautiful the downtown is.  They’ve really cleaned up and they have a ton of events.  I see the same people all the time at the culinary crawls, car shows, Seafood Festival, and now Off the Grid events.  It’s nice to see the same familiar faces each week.  So, what if a few people are setting off fireworks?  At least we’re out of house and hanging with the neighbors.  I feel safe because our crime rate is lower than Antioch, so a little careless fun with fireworks is much better than homicides on every other corner.


From: City of Pittsburg [or someone who looks and sounds a lot like Joe S. – Ed]

Dear Pittsburg Voice,

The City would like to respond to the allegations presented by Pittsburg Voice concerning the use of illegal fireworks around the 4th of July this year. The City condemns, in its strongest possible terms, any use of fireworks in a non-professional firework display. We feel we did a truly magnificent job of catching all of the firework felons that were out there. The culprits that did not receive citations were given a really stern talking to and sent home to bed. They won’t be doing this again we can assure you. Any more fireworks you may think you hear after the Fourth are merely cars back-firing or some other disturbance. They most certainly are not fireworks.



Response from Pittsburg Voice:


Thanks to everyone who sent us feedback on this topic. Our response to these comments follows.


Mr. Fuggeddaboudit – Wake up grandpa! The legacy you leave to your kids is one of the most important things you can provide them. Leaving them a city that is safe and will protect them from villains and crooked politicians is what your job is, dude. Don’t fall back on “That’s the way it always has been in Pittsburg.”  We know, Pittsburg is pretending to be a safe and corruption-free city these days. But we can make it better and make that a reality. Change starts at the top.


Bart Ryder – Community means caring about your neighbors, douchebag. Stop being so selfish and start thinking about your community. It’s not all about you. What can you do to help make life better for everyone? The good of the group IS good for the individual… always. Together, Pittsburgers can influence the City of Pittsburg to be proactive and not reactive.


Cinda Kops – Uh…. yeah, sure. But we feel you. 


Bette vanDem – We are talking about Pittsburg here, Bette. Not Antioch or Clayton or Walnut Creek. Pittsburg. Where we live. Politicians are really good at “comparing things” that don’t actually make sense to compare. Like crime statistics (real or fabricated) from different cities of different sizes and demographics. Like budget numbers (real or fabricated) that depict oddly large allocations to poorly managed departments. Like BART demand (fabricated) and wasting a ton of time and money to make developers rich and quality of life poor. 


City of Pittsburg – we call Bullshit, again. Remember Pittsburgers, when a politician’s mouth is open, it’s probably lying.

So, when you hear from a city official that the city is “doing everything they can” to solve a problem, understand that his statement is based on the fact that he doesn’t live in Pittsburg, doesn’t have to listen to the endless thunder and shaking of nearby fireworks and, based on his decisions over last few years, has such a poor image of Pittsburg that he’s unwilling or unable to improve the quality of life here. Instead, he’s building tens of thousands of new homes, ruining the vistas, snarling traffic, and allowing the image of Pittsburg to be smeared through the mud across the Bay Area. 


You know, Cinda Kops, maybe you’re right.