Tuesday, November 29, 2022

The shame is written all over his face. His failure to achieve even a semblance of what he promised.

The worst part is that he knew. He knew he would be unable to control the illegal fireworks within the city limits, because his action was far too late to make a difference. He knew that it would be impossible to insist that residents act responsibly and safely because once again he was re-acting instead of acting.

So he did what any politician would do. He lied.

He lied to the citizens of Pittsburg and told them that the City would “crack down and do their best to put an end to those illegal fireworks.”

But he didn’t do his best, not even close.

Instead of taking serious, proactive steps to raise awareness of the issue and ensure that the people of Pittsburg understood and were safe, he chose to talk about it. In a meeting. Where nobody listened.

And he knew it.

~ Guy Fawkes