Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Press Release: City of Pittsburg Launches ‘Fool Pittsburg’

The attached press release was released today.




February 14, 1984

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Joe Sbranti, City Manager(?), 925-252-4850


City of Pittsburg Launches Fool Pittsburg 

The online platform offers a new way to censor public comments on City of Pittsburg projects and issues. 


The City of Pittsburg has launched Fool Pittsburg at www.ci.pittsburg.ca.gov/fools, an online platform designed to stifle the citizens’ online conversations about important projects and issues in the city.


Using meticulously censored public input to promote their dubious decision-making capabilities, Pittsburg officials will also ensure that residents receive only carefully curated, politically sanitized information on issues that might otherwise prompt concern. In this way, it is hoped that citizens won’t think for themselves, question their civic leaders, or engage with each other in a way that threatens the city’s habitually problematical actions.


“We want the public to know and think only what we want them to know and think,” said Joe Sbranti, City Manager. “By encouraging them to interact with the government, instead of the people of the community, we can use this incredibly effective way to stifle public comments, and stop residents from participating in the decision-making process from the privacy of their own homes.”


The first topic on Fool Pittsburg asks “What the eff do you think the corrupt bunch of people running this city are really up to in 2018?” You can read what others are saying about the topic and share your own opinion at www.ci.pittsburg.ca.gov/fools.


FakeGov, a ‘non-partisan’ enterprise based in Ukraine, developed the online platform. Its mission is the dissemination of only the official party line and the silencing of residents’ voices. More than 100 other government agencies are already leveraging the power of Fake Town Hall, including Washington DC, Moscow, Russia, Pyongyang, North Korea, and Beijing, China.


For more information about the company, please visit your conscience.