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Planning Commission: August 21, 2018, 7pm *Special Meeting*

Pittsburg Planning Commission Meeting *SPECIAL MEETING*

Date: August 21, 2018

Time: 7pm

Location: City Hall Council Chambers

Agenda: Click Here


#1. Consideration of a Resolution Recommending City Council Approval of the Alves Ranch Subdivision

This is a public hearing on request for a recommendation for City Council approval of an amendment to the previously approved “Alves Ranch Master Plan,” including: 1) a zoning map amendment rezoning the site from a combination of RH-P (High Density Residential with a Master Plan Overlay) and CO-P (Office Commercial with a Master Plan Overlay) Districts to PD (Planned Development) District; 2) a vesting tentative map subdividing the 57.81-acre site to allow for the construction of 346 single family dwelling units, a 12-acre commercial site, and ancillary features; and 3) design review of architectural and landscape plans. The project site is located along the north side of West Leland Road.

Well, isn’t this an interesting How-Do-You-Do? City staff pushed this item to a “Special Meeting” instead of the usual meeting scheduled for one week later. What on earth could be THAT urgent? Is it what Jill Hecht stated, that it is for the good of the people who live in the area? (That would indeed be a first, and highly unlikely.) Or is it actually a backroom deal that the City Manager has already made with the developer? We may never know, but the nature of this “emergency meeting” is suspicious.


#2. Notice of Intent to Exercise Delegated Design Review Authority, Conduct a Zoning Administrator Public Hearing, and Submittal of Adopted Zoning Administrator Resolutions.

Pittsburg Voice respectfully requests the Planning Commissioners to closely review the Zoning change requests to see if they are indeed in the best interest of the the City as a whole, and whether all the proper (required or not) notices have been issued to those who may be affected by them.

Look for the Pittsburg Voice “Live” Blog of this meeting on Twitter after the meeting.