Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pittsburg’s Dreams of a Major Grocery Store Slowly Vanish

Because of thoughtless and irresponsible planning by Pittsburg’s City Council, City Manager and Economic Development, the chances of a major grocery store chain opening in the Pittsburg core is becoming less and less likely.

Pittsburg’s aggressive and huge commitment to low-income housing in the City’s core while placing new, medium/higher income housing on the city’s outer boundaries, makes it unlikely that any mid to upper range stores will open here. This, compounded by the fact that many major retailers’ locations in Pittsburg suffer from some of the highest theft rates throughout their chains, cause most large retail businesses to intentionally bypass Pittsburg when looking for a new location.

Stories to the contrary by City officials, are simple fabrications… much like their interest in your opinions and in making Pittsburg a better town.