Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Planning Commission: September 25, 2018, 7pm

Pittsburg Planning Commission Meeting

Date: September 25, 2018

Time: 7pm

Location: City Hall Council Chambers

Agenda: Click Here

Some items of interest from this meeting’s agenda:


#3. Amendment to the Garaventa Development Agreement, AP-18-1368 (DA).

This is a public hearing on a request for a recommendation for City Council approval of an amendment to the development agreement between Garaventa Enterprises, Inc. and the City of Pittsburg. The proposed amendment would require Garaventa and a third-party developer to construct an office building and a Courtyard by Marriott hotel or equivalent hotel brand on a 5.23-acre site located at the northwest corner of Railroad Avenue and State Route 4. Assessor’s Parcel Nos. 086-100-041 and 086-100-040.

Pittsburgers: It’s time to speak your mind about the City Manager pushing his “let’s screw up Pittsburg” agenda on not only the Planning Department and Commission, but also on developers. There is absolutely nothing genuine about this proposal. A city does not “demand” that a developer build a “Courtyard by Marriott.” A city may choose to zone a parcel of land to permit a hotel, but this Public Hearing is just pure theater. Joe Sbranti fibbed at a recent Community Meeting that a hotel was going on this site, stretching the truth so far as to mention that the hotel was a Marriott. Now, months later, he’s carrying his fabrication further by not-so-subtly implying that there is an agreement for a “Marriott hotel or equivalent” planned for this location. Remember: where there’s a fabrication, there’s a backroom deal. 


#4. Making Waves Academy Charter School Project, AP-18-1339 (DR).

This is a study session to receive initial comments on a forthcoming request for design review approval of plans to construct a new charter school campus on a site located at 420 E. 3rd Street in the RMD-O (Downtown Medium Density Residential with an Overlay, Ordinance No.07-1284) and CP (Pedestrian Commercial) districts. APN: 073-050-001. The applicant is also contemplating construction of a multi-purpose sports facility on several vacant parcels immediately north of the campus site in the CW (Waterfront Commercial) and IG (General Industrial) districts. APNs: 073-010-002, 073-010-003, 073-010-004, 073-010-005, 073-010-08, 073-010-013.

City Manager Joe Sbranti is determined to bring Pittsburg to its knees with poor and dangerous planning proposals. This project for children is planned on land that was seriously contaminated, next to potentially dangerous industry, and near to the constant burying of who-knows-what across the street at the steel mill. Making the fact that Harbor and Railroad can’t handle the traffic from the almost 4,000 kids at the High School even worse, this plan adds another 2,000 kids EVERY DAY to the same roads. Should there ever be a school-related real emergency in the Harbor/Railroad corridor, the entire area would be unreachable. This plan contains NO vision for the betterment of Pittsburg or the protection of children. What kind of school is that? 

Look for the Pittsburg Voice “Live” Blog of this meeting on Twitter after the meeting.