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Planning Commission: October 23, 2018, 7pm

Pittsburg Planning Commission Meeting

Date: October 23, 2018

Time: 7pm

Location: City Hall Council Chambers

Agenda: Click Here

Some items of interest from this meeting’s agenda:


#3. Veterans Square Housing, AP-18-1374 (PPR).

This is a study session to receive Planning Commission comments on a forthcoming request for a new design review approval for plans to construct an affordable veteran housing project at 901 Los Medanos Street. The project would include a 30-unit, three-story apartment building and parking lot with five spaces on the main 0.49-acre site, with an additional 25 space parking lot provided on a 0.29-acre site, located directly across the street at 295 E. 10th Street. The two sites are located in the RH-D (Downtown High-Density Residential) District. Assessor’s Parcel Nos. 085-182-001 and 085-196-001.

Oh dear, oh dear. Your City Leaders are at it again. Don’t forget, Pittsburgers, that it is illegal to specify housing for any group other than protected classes. Sadly, this includes Veterans. What this means is that this project is yet another attempt for a developer to cram more low-income housing into our City, despite the fact that we already have the appropriate amount for a city our size. Calling it “Veterans Square” is a trick. Also, if it really was intended for Veterans, why would most of the parking be across the street?  A good many Veterans who might need this housing are also disabled. Additionally, 10th Street and Los Medanos is a busy intersection, not somewhere you would want to cross every day if you are disabled. This is not the appropriate location for this type of project.

Other problems with the plan:

  1. Too dense for this location. Two stories, with less units is more appropriate, with parking below, not across the street.
  2. One “Gurney” sized elevator is insufficient. (eBARTs only elevator is frequently out of service stranding the disabled and senior passengers on the station level.)
  3. Across the street parking is dangerous and a bad use of the 10th Street frontage space.
  4. Regardless of what is presented by staff, the previously “approved” plans hold no relevance to this new project.
  5. This is yet another proposed project that proves YCLHY (and hates veterans).

Look for the Pittsburg Voice “Live” Blog of this meeting on Twitter after the meeting.