Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Hello my sweet children, Mamma’s back! Unfortunately, Mamma has a sad story to tell you this time…

Mamma’s recent return to her beloved Pittsburg has brought a bushel of emotions with it. At first, Mamma was very proud of what her little hamlet had become: a quaint suburb of Saint Francis’ namesake city. When Mamma first returned from her extended visit to her homeland, she was amazed at what Pittsburg was striving to do: Become an attractive, welcoming, safe, small town with plans to grow even nicer for its lovely citizens.

But that dream, my dears, is quickly coming to an end.

It seems that my boy Giuseppe and those I put in charge of our precious burg have suddenly found themselves in a budgetary black hole. And sadly, they dug this hole themselves and are quite unconcerned that the rest of us will be the ones to suffer.

Mamma’s gossipy friends around town say that Giuseppe Sbranti and his posse of council members are running our fair city like a bunch of – dare Mamma say it – scalawags! Word is that they plan to cut funding for all community events and reduce the budget for our charmingly historic, newly renovated, California Theatre, making it completely unable to function.

They might as well chain up the front doors and throw away the key. What a scandal!

While the rest of the great state of California was planning for the ultimate collapse of a certain state-retirement-program, my children-in-charge were busy doing favors for local developers, funneling money to their own pet programs and cozying up to eBART. What a disgrace! If they were a bit younger, Mamma would have them over her knee for a good spanking. That’s no way to run a successful town! No way indeed.

Mamma is sad to say that it’s time the children she entrusted with the welfare of our little town be sent to their rooms… and removed from office.

Mamma is so distraught she can barely speak. Nonetheless, Mamma urges you, all of her dear children, to speak up about these terrible budget cuts and question her children-in-charge why they dropped this very big ball?

Use your newfangled computing device to sign the petition: http://www.oldtownpittsburgca.com/petition

Go to the City Council Meeting on May 1st at 7 pm, at City Hall. Speak your mind or just show your support.

Ciao for now, and remember, Mamma loves you best!