Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Land Use Sub-Committee. Jan 29, 2019. 4-6pm

Hey Pittsburgers – The City of Pittsburg is having one of their “too bad you couldn’t make it cuz we scheduled it intentionally  during your work day” back-room meetings tomorrow, and you might be interested in attending, or at least making your Voice heard.

Items of interest:

  • Rezoning and turning the former Golf Course into a hideous, traffic-causing business park on Leland.
  • Rezoning the area around Bliss Road (near the poorly-designed eBART station) to add even more traffic, and to modify their badly designed Railroad Avenue Specific Plan (RASP).

What you can do:

  • Attend the meeting: Tuesday, January 29, 2019. 4pm. City Hall, ground floor meeting room, 4B.
  • Tell the City Manager, Council Members, and Planning Commissioners that their plans are creating a traffic nightmare in Pittsburg. Demand that all plans be halted until they include fully Traffic Mitigation plans that must be in place BEFORE any construction on their development begins. NO PLANS SHOULD BE APPROVED WITHOUT THE TRAFFIC MITIGATION AS A REQUIREMENT.
  • If you can’t attend the meeting, email ALL the following people with your concerns: Garrett Evans: gevans@ci.pittsburg.ca.us AND Kristin Pollot: kpollot@ci.pittsbuirg.ca.us AND City Council: citycouncil@ci.pittsburg.ca.us AND Planning Commission: planningpommissioner@ci.pittsburg.ca.us

All the planning “improvements” the city currently has in the pipeline are poorly planned, traffic snarling disasters waiting to happen. None of these items improves the quality of life in Pittsburg and all of them bring traffic with potential crime, transients and homelessness to our city. Ask your City leaders to address these issues BEFORE giving away our city to their developer friends.