Land Use Sub-Committee Meeting Agenda. April 26, 2016. 3pm

Public Comment

Smoke Shops & Smoking Lounges (Request feedback)
On April 4th the City Council adopted an urgency ordinance establishing a 45-day moratorium on the establishment of new smoke shops and smoking lounges anywhere in the City. During the moratorium, staff will draft an ordinance which could include requirements for a use permit, a buffer from sensitive land uses, and a limit on the number of licenses that could be issued for these types of businesses in the future.

Chickens in Residential Districts (Request feedback)
Staff is drafting an ordinance which would allow a limited number of chickens to be kept on residentially zoned properties.

Miscellaneous General Plan Amendments (Request feedback)
Staff is considering the addition of several new General Plan policies to promote quality, safe, and crime-free housing.

Other Information Items

  • Zoning Amendment for Residential Uses in GQ Districts
  • John Buckley Square Boccee Ball Court and Building
  • Update on Current Projects Around the eBART Station
  • Questions on Non-Agenda Items