Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Kiss Your Pocketbook Goodbye

Well, Pittsburgers, your civic leaders, your City Council – the men and woman of questionable connections and dubious ethics – Duane “Pete” Longmire, Salvatore Evola, Merlyn Lewis Craft, Jelani Killings, and Juan Antonio Banales – have completely abdicated their control over the City of Pittsburg to Joseph Sbranti, City Manager, and allowed him to raise your water bill by an unthinkable (some might say, criminal) 22%.


Yes, you heard that right, fellow citizens! Over the next four years, most of you will be shocked to discover your water/sewer bill increase by an unbelievable 22%.


Imagine this, dear friends: If your summer water/sewer bill was $75 per month in 2017, by 2022 (four years from now) it will have gone up to $91.50 per month. That’s an increase of almost $200/year.


Dear reader, let that sink in a minute: Your new water/sewer bill could increase by $200/year or more!

Every year.



This increase is even more disheartening when you consider other recent fee hikes also pushed by the City Manager and approved by the City Council. In the last 4 years, the Pittsburg City Council has approved an increase to our Recycle Center fees (11%), Pittsburg Disposal Garbage fees (25%), and Water/Sewer fees (22%).

But that’s not all! Combine this constant barrage of City Manager Approved fee increases with the state gas tax hike, the vehicle license fee increases, and the jacking up of our local Sales Tax (where the heck is all that money going, anyway?) and the problem is clear.


Our city leaders are going to continue to pick our pockets and make our lives more costly until we make them stop.


“Well,” you say, “at least they don’t have control over our electricity costs! At least PG&E is out of reach of the money-grubbing hands of our civic leaders!” Ahh, but that is all about to change – beginning next month as they have made sure to get their hands on  (and their share of) every pie that they can. The City of Pittsburg has partnered with MCE (not a power company, but a CCA) to take over your domestic electrical supply, unless you opt out. So, the latest City Manager Approved control of your monthly expenses is your new power company, MCE. There are no guarantees that MCE rates will be lower or higher than PG&E, but the fact that Joe Sbranti and the City Council have any say over it is cause enough for alarm… their track record in this area leaves much to be desired.


~ G. Fawkes