Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Envisioning a better Pittsburg, not a bigger Pittsburg

Hello Pittsburgers…

re: “Envision Pittsburg” community input meeting. April 13, 10am. City Hall.

Today’s the day, the first day the City of Pittsburg’s newest leaders pretend that they are interested in your views on the future of our great city.

As staunch supporters of our city, but not our poorly performing city leaders, your buddy, Guy (that’s me) feels it’s in everyone’s best interest to share his thoughts on what exactly our elected officials need to do to fix the mess they have created over the last 5 years.

These suggestions are presented in order of importance, most to least.

  1. FIX THE TRAFFIC PROBLEMS – Instead of making plans that continue to cause traffic problems, fix the city’s inadequate infrastructure FIRST. Until that problem is solved no other projects that could negatively impact traffic should be approved. This includes NO Technology Center, NO Charter School. Neither one of these plans contains traffic mitigation components.
  2. STOP THE RAILROAD MADNESS – The so-called Railroad Area Specific Plan (RASP) is a bad plan, made by bad people to make other bad people rich, all at the expense of the people of Pittsburg. Absolutely NO concern for quality of life or traffic mitigation is included in the RASP. None. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors. The RASP is not a plan, it’s a property and money grab.
  3. REDUCE OUR CRIME – Pittsburg crime has skyrocketed in recent years. Gone are the days that City Officials brag about Pittsburg’s “low crime”, because it’s simply not true. Petty crimes, assaults, property crimes are up year over year. Let’s get a handle on this by spending money to make our city safer.
  4. FIX OUR SCHOOLS – Pittsburg Unified School District (PUSD) is an island unto itself. With no City oversight, it is one of the worst school systems in California, recklessly wastes tax payers money, constructs buildings that are not properly designed and inspected, allows countless “out of town” students in the class rooms, can’t keep quality teachers, underpays their staff, and has a history of dealings with the City through back-room meetings that are conveniently hidden from the public.
  5. GET A NEW PLAN – The current plans for projects around the city are a mishmash of bad planning, bad locations and will be a disaster for the quality of life of residents. STOP all the work on current plans until a smart, good plan can be implemented. (BTW, this meeting is not an example of doing that.)
  6. IF YOU WANT TO BE GREEN, THEN BE SMART ABOUT IT – The City has passed many “green initiatives” over the last decade, including LED lighting, plastic bag ban, styrofoam ban, and more. But with every one of those plans has come bad planning and lack of understanding of the true consequences. Now, City planners are pushing a new “green” initiative that is half-baked and doesn’t address the actual problems in Pittsburg; Traffic. The money that the City wants to spend on walking and biking trails, should be redirected to traffic improvements. As street improvements are made, the bike and walking lanes can be incorporated. The City, as always, has the cart before the horse… or, no horse at all.

Pittsburgers, if you want to make a difference and help improve our great city, then show up for one of the planned “Envision Pittsburg” meetings and speak your mind. If you don’t, our less-than-effective civic leaders will make all the plans for you, and they most certainly are not looking out for your quality of life first.


  1. Saturday, April 13th at 10:00 am
  2. Monday, April 22nd at 6:00 pm
  3. Monday, May 13th at 6:00 pm

One thought on “Envisioning a better Pittsburg, not a bigger Pittsburg

  1. Allen Tatomer

    Good Post Guy, As entertaining and informative as always. I would appreciate specifics over cycnism however detrimental to your clever, dark editorial stylings. You voice is much needed and appreciated by other jaded and discouraged denizens in Pitt, but if the Emperor has been found without cloths…it is our duty and obligation to help him dress. We have the opportunity to make some positive changes or wear the Emperors cape ourselves.
    In the meantime I am advancing a few specifics myself. Not in order:

    1. Fund and run a free shuttle bus/van up and down Railroad. Every rider is one less car. Of course it would stop at Bart and NewYork Landing downtown.

    2. No construction in our hills. Maintain our last, aesthetic hills.

    3. Widen Bailey Road and place concrete barriers between lanes. Enough good people have lost limbs and lives!

    4. Our city planners, managers and councils love affordable home complexes. We need affordable home ownership by way of a dedicated zone for custom Tiny Homes (200-400sq.ft on movable chassis) and Humble Homes (700 to 1000sf on concrete slabs). The city could build the first two and then use the mortgage/rent revenues to fund construction of more. It had worked flawlessly for decades for Habitat for Humanity and others. No bank is involved! It will empower previous poor renters into responsible homeowners.

    Just a few specifics. I like details and solutions.
    -Allen Tatomer

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