Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Clayton’s New/Old City Manager: Point/Counterpoint


Congratulations Clayton! Your new interim City Manager, Joe Sbranti, is all you could ask for! Handsome, smart, and with a few years of experience under his belt. He will be an asset to your city.

In fact, Joe has been an asset t0 your city for many more years than you realize. As a longtime resident of Clayton, Joe worked hard to assure that – even while still at his previous job – everything he accomplished would benefit your lovely city.

  • Joe worked tirelessly for the last five years to assure that the Clayton Golf Club would thrive in a market that was ever shrinking, by deftly eliminating competition.
  • Joe made certain that pressure to include low income housing in your city was minimized, thereby improving property values. 
  • Joe also ensured that Clayton remained difficult to access by the criminal element, by insisting that crime-magnet public transportation options remained far from your city.
  • Joe made short shrift of a nearby city with waterfront property, stunning vistas and serious potential so that it would never become competition for business or desirable residents.

Joe did all this for you. And he wasn’t even your City Manager.

Congratulations, and good luck on your new hire. 



Well, well, well. Wasn’t that the biggest non-surprise of the year? 

Joe Sbranti, the former Pittsburg City Manager who never lived in the city while he managed it, has been appointed the interim City Manager of Clayton, the city he’s lived in for the last decade. Who could have seen that coming?

Well, we did.

We saw what Joe was up to for years. We knew that while working for the City of Pittsburg he quietly and methodically assured that Pittsburg would never have any advantage over Clayton. He made this plan happen one deviously planned decision at at time.

Joe worked tirelessly during his tenure as our city manager to assure that the Pittsburg Golf Course fell into disrepair and became unattractive to golfers so that he could have it closed once and for all. This act assured that there would be no competition for the dwindling number of golfers in the area for his hometown golf course.

Joe made certain that the City of Pittsburg embraced low income housing in a way that no other nearby city has (except perhaps Antioch, and we know how that worked out) to assure that the pressure was off his home town of Clayton to provide as little affordable housing as was required by the state. 

Joe also ensured that BART would open a second “eBART” station in Pittsburg. So he created the Railroad Area Specific Plan (RASP) and engineered a small, non-monitored, poorly secured, passenger unfriendly station that would attract a criminal element and dramatically increase the homeless population. And, for Joe, there was a bonus to this decision; the BART station would severely degrade the quality of life for residents and motorists on the major cross-town thoroughfare. 

Indeed, Joe made short shrift of Pittsburg’s ability to become a waterfront destination with stunning vistas while being attractive to business, retail, consumers and tourists. His created a destined-to-fail kite boarding program, cleverly manipulated the Planning Commission and City Council to sell off prime waterfront real estate to a charter school, and mismanaged just about everything about Pittsburg’s Marina, the one asset that Clayton does not have, to make it undesirable to residents and tourists.

Joe did all this to assure that he could grind Pittsburg down, and improve the property values and quality of life in the City of Clayton, the city in which he owns a home and lives with his family.

Clayton: Don’t make the same mistake that the people of Pittsburg did when they trusted Joe to do the right thing for our city. You have got yourself an interim City Manager with a penchant for ruining towns for his own personal benefit (and that of his friends, the other corrupt politicians who benefit from Pittsburg’s decay), and a questionable track record in a town with skyrocketing crime, homelessness and an ever decreasing appeal for businesses and residents. In fact, during Joe’s tenure, Pittsburg became one of the top 100 most dangerous cities in California and the 3rd most dangerous in Contra Costa County. Quite an achievement for a City Manager who was, just the year before, bragging to the world how safe his city was.

Joe ruined Pittsburg for you, Clayton. And he wasn’t even your city manager yet.

Keep your eye on your new hire. If someone is capable of doing this in the city next door to you, imagine what he’s up to now that he has the keys to your city.

Good luck with your search for a new, permanent City Manager. Here’s hoping you find one with higher standards, ethics and qualifications.