Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pittsburg City Council Meeting

Monday,  October 1, 2018, 7pm

City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor

Agenda can be found here.

Agenda items of note:


#13. Adoption of a City Council Resolution to Establish a Salary Range for Information Technology Manager, Amend AFSCME-MPC MOU, and Staffing Allocation

The City Manager, upon recommendation from the Director of Human Resources, has added the classification of Information Technology Manager. In accordance with the City’s Personnel Rules, the City Council is asked to establish the salary range and allocate the position by adding one full-time regular Information Technology Manager.

Good thing the City Manager is on top of this “budget deficit” issue, from last year. Nothing quite like controlling costs than adding $108,000 to the “expense” column of the budget. Perhaps this is why he decided to get rid of the professional theater management company that was running the California Theatre?

#17. Adoption of a City Council Resolution of Intention to Add Territory to Future Annexation Area of Community Facilities District 2016-1 (Maintenance of Project Facilities)

The City currently has four community facilities districts (“CFDs”) that provide funds for certain services, including public safety, park maintenance and fire safety emergency services. Two of the four districts allow future annexations for new developments located anywhere within the City limits. This action would make this designation consistent among all the CFDs and allow an expedited annexation procedure for parcels that are required to annex into one or more of these CFDS in the future.

In a move that grants the City Manager even more power without oversight, this item hidden on the Consent Calendar allows the City Manager to make changes without the direct involvement of the City Council. With all the recent changes to oversight restrictions by the Planning Commission and the City Council, City Manager Joe Sbranti is taking back-room control of the City of Pittsburg and the current City Council is allowing him to do it.


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