Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pittsburg City Council Meeting

Monday,  November 5, 2018, 7pm

City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor

Agenda can be found here.

Agenda items of note:


#4. Adoption by Minute Order of a City Council Recess for Winter Months

Historically, the City Council takes a recess during the winter months to allow for both staff and Council vacations during the holiday season and to accommodate the City’s Winter Closure.

Pittsburg Voice is happy to translate this inconvenient change of holiday recess: Due to City Manager Joe Sbranti’s departure at the end of December, we need to cram as  much of his back-room agenda into December that we can, so that the City is contractually obligated to uphold his questionable plans and agreements. Suggestion: Show him the door today.


#7. Adoption of a Pittsburg Power Company Resolution Accepting a $40,000 Grant from the Y & H Soda Foundation and to Increase the Instructional Budget of the Future Build Program

Pittsburg Power Company (PPC) is seeking approval to accept a $40,000 grant from the Y & H Soda Foundation (Grant) and to increase the instructional budget of the Future Build Program (Future Build).

Sure, why not. Funnel even more money into Merl Glover’s Craft’s coffers through the City. We are starting to think that her non-profit “businesses” would be indeed be no-profit without constant City intervention. BTW: Don’t forget to recuse yourself from the entire CONSENT CALENDAR, Merl. Oh, unless 0ne of your colleagues would like to have this item removed, for separate vote. 

#10. Adoption of a City Council Resolution Authorizing the City Manager or his Designee to Execute Agreement between Sierra Pacific Properties, Inc. and the City of Pittsburg

In response to a request by Sierra Pacific Properties, the Pittsburg Police Department is requesting City Council approval of the Resolution authorizing the City Manager or his Designee to execute the Agreement between Sierra Pacific Properties and the City of Pittsburg.

Someone explain why this is on the Consent Calendar, please? It should be up for Council Consideration. Joe’s good buddies just want to get their deals signed before Joe gets the boot and it becomes a bit harder for them to walk all over the people of Pittsburg.

#11. Adoption of a City Council Resolution to Approve the Handbook for City Advisory Bodies

Working with an ad hoc committee of the City Council, the City Clerk and Commission liaison staff were tasked with review of the Handbook for City Advisory Bodies. Along with some ministerial corrections, the committee has determined a change in the dates for terms is in order to allow newly appointed Commissioners the opportunity for League of California Cities training nearer the start of their terms. A Code of Conduct section was also added as well as a section on use of electronic media during a meeting and Social Media protocol. Staff recommends approval of the revised handbook as a training and guidance document for members of the City’s commissions.

Oh, poor, scared City Leaders. Such a shame that you have come to this. The people of Pittsburg know what this is really about.

#12. Adoption of a City Council Resolution Awarding a Professional Services Agreement to Granicus for Website Design and Services

The City Manager has requested improvement, updating and reconstruction of the City’s website. Pursuant to the results of a request for proposal for a redesign of the City’s website, the City wishes to enter into a contract with Granicus for these services.

Brilliant choice, Joe. This company can’t seem to provide decent audio-visual services for the city’s current website, and now Joe wants to hand over the entire website to them. This guy is determined to totally screw this city before he leaves at the end of December.


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