Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pittsburg City Council Meeting

Monday, May 7, 2018, 7pm

City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor

Agenda can be found here.

Agenda items of note:


#6. Introduction and Waive First Reading of an Ordinance to Amend Pittsburg Municipal Code Title 18 Related to Cannabis Regulations. After fighting it for years, Pittsburg decides they want a piece of the action. Who could have guessed?

“Baked” Goods, anyone?



#7. Adoption of a City Council Resolution Providing Staff with Direction Related to the Delta View Golf Course. The same people who worked tirelessly to destroy Pittsburg’s Municipal Golf Course (the city’s leadership) over the last decade, now bring you the “results” of a “survey”. Don’t be surprised when you find out that the results recommend selling off part of the golf course to a developer and turning the rest of the property into a multi-sport complex. (Oh, and by the way, that will eventually involve closing down City Park so the city can build even more housing… you know, just to make things worse.)

If you’re interested in saving one of the last remaining quality-of-life benefits in Pittsburg, show up at this meeting.


Look for our “Live” Blog of the meeting after its conclusion.