Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pittsburg City Council Meeting

Monday, June 18, 2018, 7pm

City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor

Agenda can be found here.

Agenda items of note:

As per usual, there is some cleverly deceptive shenanigans going on in this agenda.


All three of the below agenda items will materially benefit Council Member Craft. Watch to see if any of the Council Members, including Craft, calls for these items to be removed from the Consent Calendar so they can be individually voted upon and Craft can properly recuse herself from the vote. It’s time that Merl Craft be removed from the Council.

#19. Adoption of a Pittsburg Power Company Resolution Approving a Consultant Agreement with Dunbar and Associates
Pittsburg Power Company (PPC) is proposing to enter into a consultant agreement (Agreement) with Dunbar and Associates (Consultant) for the period June 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019 for the administration of the Future Build Program (Future Build)…

#20. Adoption of a Pittsburg Power Company Resolution for Approval of the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19 for the Pittsburg Power Company and Appropriation of Funds for Fiscal Year 2018-19
On April 30, 2018 a budget workshop meeting was held to review the Preliminary Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19 including the proposed Pittsburg Power Company Budget. The budget must be appropriated for Fiscal Year 2018-19 before July 1, 2018 to provide on-going funding for the Pittsburg Power Company activities during the next fiscal year.

#21. Approving a City Council Resolution and Pittsburg Power Resolution Authorizing the City of Pittsburg to Enter into an Agreement with Craft Community Care Center, Inc. Doing Business as Success Through Self Academy
The City of Pittsburg and Craft Community Care Center, Inc. doing business as Success Through Self Academy (STS) propose to enter into an agreement (Agreement) for youth based programs (Program) for fiscal year 2018-2019 (the “Term”). The Agreement includes the use of the community rooms on a portion of 60 Civic Avenue (the “Premises”).

#22. Adoption of a City Council Resolution Authorizing the City Manager or his Designee to Execute Agreements for the Provision of Supplemental Law enforcement Services for Certain Special Events and Occurrences
The City Council of the City of Pittsburg may contract on behalf of the Pittsburg Police Department to provide supplemental law enforcement services to private individuals or private entities to preserve the peace at special events or occurrences that happen on an occasional basis. PV: Joe Sbranti has been slowly taking power away from the Planning Commission and the City Council in order to side-step their necessary oversight.  Under no circumstances should the City Council defer decisions of law enforcement to the the City Manager, regardless of cost. Sbranti has once again buried an item of important impact in the Consent Calendar. 

#27. Adoption of a City Council Resolution Authorizing Separate Consultant Service Agreements with JML Planning and LSA Associates, Inc. for the Making Waves Academy Project
The Making Waves Foundation has submitted a planning application requesting design review approval of plans to construct a new charter school campus on a 20-acre site located at 420 E. 3rd street (former Johns Manville Plant). PV: The City continues to push this project through: A school on toxic waste land, near toxic waste generating industrial plants. Do we really want children playing in this area, or would a better use of this land be something like a Data Center?  Oh wait, Joe Sbranti has destroyed our Golf Course in order to build that data center on some of our previously pristine land.

#29. Adoption of an Ordinance Amending Chapter 8.04 Rubbish Removal and Disposal
The City Council will consider the adoption of an Ordinance, amending Chapter 8.04 Rubbish Removal and Disposal, to clarify the proper storage of collection containers for garbage, recycling, and green waste on properties on non-collection days. PV: In yet another classically badly-worded Amendment, no responsibility for any of the requirements is put on the Garbage Company (owned by Garaventa, employer of Councilman Evola, local developer, and close friend of the City) who routinely damages or destroys refuse containers. 


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