Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Pittsburg City Council Meeting

Monday,  August 20, 2018, 7pm

City Hall Council Chambers, 3rd Floor

Agenda can be found here.

Agenda items of note:


#8. Introduction and Waive First Reading of an Ordinance Amending Title 18 of the Pittsburg Municipal Code Related to Permitting Small Recycling Facilities and Mail Order or Direct Selling Establishments in the M District AP-17-1235

In another display of Your City Leaders Hate You (YCLHY), the Council is expected to approve this plan, despite the ridiculously close proximity to residences. Watch… you’ll see. Is there a documented and agreed to process for revoking the Use Permit for this project if the owner (Garaventa, of course) fails to meet the requirements of the project and negatively impacts the quality of life of nearby residents? (Think Keller Canyon Landfill, folks. The answer is obvious to everyone who lives down-wind of Keller Canyon.)


#10. Extra Outreach Coordinator

Due to the City Leadership’s dramatically and rapidly disintegrating reputation, the City Manager feels the need to increase the number of positive voices on social media and for citizen outreach. Pittsburg Voice would like to suggest that actually running the city well would have a bigger impact on making the residents like you.

#11. Global Quality Foods (FISH MARKET) on the waterfront EXCLUSIVE NEGOTIATING RIGHTS

City is in negotiations that would allow a fish market to be built on the last remaining (valuable) waterfront property in the Pittsburg Marina. With no care as to what a terrible idea this is (not to mention the smell that would blow directly into the adjacent Bay Harbor Park residential district and boats on the marina), the City wants to enter into a 120 day exclusive negotiation agreement. P.S: Dear City Manager Joe Sbranti, there is no such thing as a GOOD Fish Smell.


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