Tuesday, November 29, 2022

City Council Meeting, April 18, 2016. 7pm

City Council Meeting for April 18, 2016 at 7pm.


Agenda Highlights

  • Robotics Presentation by Pittsburg High School
  • Proclamation: Bike to Work Day
  • Consent Calendar:
    • Rejection of claims against the city
    • Solar power purchase agreement with NRG. There does not appear to be a well thought out plan for this decision, but rather it is posturing to appear “green” while not really accomplishing much. No “cost savings” analysis is being presented, only claimed.
    • Transfer Marina Blvd property to the City. Unclear what the City plans to do with the property as it has not presented this information during this transfer process.
    • Approve City “Goals” – Take a look at them:

      City Goals for 2016-17 (Link to entire document)


      Achieve and Maintain a Structurally Balanced Budget


      Prioritize Public Safety


      Improve Public Facilities and Infrastructure


      Continue Economic Development, Diversified Housing and Facilitate Growth and Retention of Existing Businesses


      Increase Efficiency of City Operations and Services


      Improve the Quality of Life for Pittsburg Residents