About Pittsburg Voice

Can you hear it? There’s a new voice in town: the People’s.pv-logo

Pittsburg Voice is about transparency at the local government level. It’s about revealing the truth about the decisions being made by our representatives. It’s about holding our public officials to a higher standard. It’s about protecting the public’s right to know, to be involved, and to be certain that the City of Pittsburg grows and thrives in a direction that is good, safe and beneficial for its citizens today and for future generations.

Although we take our mission seriously, we will have fun along the way. With a mixture of facts, satire and opinion, Pittsburg Voice will keep you updated on what’s going on at Pittsburg City Hall, both in front and behind the scenes.

If you’re as committed as we are to making sure Pittsburg’s city officials live up to our expectations, add your voice to Pittsburg Voice. Contact us with any information you have about past, present or future plans and projects involving the City of Pittsburg.

Together, we can help steer Pittsburg toward a better future for everyone.